Health Benefits Of Fenugreek Oil For Hair, Digestion, Inflammation & More

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Health Benefits of Fenugreek Oil

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Fenugreek oil comes from the fenugreek plant and has been used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years. It is often used in Indian cooking to provide a complex taste, but it is also consumed for various health benefits. What are the health benefits of fenugreek oil?

Studies have shown that consuming this particular seed or using it topically provides several different benefits, including aid digestive problems and help issues with obesity, arthritis, and muscle strains.

Health benefits of fenugreek oil

It has been shown to reduce inflammation in the body, which is excellent news for people who have low back pain or other chronic inflammatory conditions.

Additionally, it has been shown to stimulate hair growth in some people, making it a beneficial herb for women looking to grow their hair out.

Nevertheless, this oil, too, has its set of side effects, which must be considered before consumption.

What is Fenugreek Oil?

Also known as the bird’s foot and Greek hay (Trigonella Fonuem-graecum), Fenugreek, an Ayurvedic herb in India, belongs to the pea family of plants (Fabaceae). A strong scent and bitter flavour distinguish its seeds.

The herb’s leaves are slender, light green, and the flowers are white. This popular crop is widely cultivated in South and West Asia, Australia, Northern Africa, Argentina, and Europe.  

The seeds contain diosgenin, which is the starting compound of the steroid sapogenins. The seed also contains gitogenin, yamogenin, and tigogenin.

These sapogenins are helpful for cooking and are also an excellent vitamin A and C source. The oil from Fenugreek can also be used as a spice. Medicinal benefits are attributed to the seeds of the plant. Oil is obtained by processing seeds.

As a result of its high concentration of essential amino acids, including leucine and lysine, its antidiabetic, antitumorigenic, antioxidant, and many other properties, this extracted oil is extremely useful.

Origin And Cultivation Of Fenugreek Oil

Its seed is oblong, smooth, and grooved in one corner. The seeds are small and hard and are used as an ingredient in foods, oils, and cosmetics.

The origin and cultivation of fenugreek oil are complex and controversial. This annual plant is native to the western Mediterranean region. This herb is a perennial that grows in abundance between 30 and 60 centimetres tall.

The plants produce small, hard, oblong pods grooved along one edge containing ten to twenty smooth brown seeds. The seeds are commonly used in foods, oils, and cosmetics.


fenugreek oil health benefits

It can be used as a hair conditioner or as a topical moisturiser. In addition, it can be combined with other oils to form a more effective product. While it is generally safe to use, fenugreek oil should be stored in a cool, dry place and away from heat or direct sunlight.

Despite its potent medicinal properties, the oil can also be challenging to find in a store. However, you can make your own infused fenugreek oil at home to remedy this issue.

Making your fenugreek oil at home is easy. You can buy it at a health store or online and crush the seeds with a pestle and mortar. It will give you a powerful blend of essential oils.

Use it as a vital ingredient for your natural skincare products. The benefits of fenugreek oil are countless.

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Fenugreek Oil Health Benefits

  • Kidney Health

Studies have shown that Fenugreek can protect the kidneys’ phosphate levels, and its fibers have been linked to preventing some cancers. In addition, this essential oil contains components that help the kidneys and pancreas to function better.

Regular intake of this oil also helps to regain lost health. Interestingly, the Rajiv Gandhi Center for Biotechnology found that Fenugreek contains estrogenic properties.

This could mean that it can be used as an alternative hormone replacement therapy for women suffering from the menopausal syndrome.

Additionally, the saponins in a fenugreek seed can bind to toxins in the colon, and the mucilage helps protect the mucus membrane of the colon.

  • Fights Acne Scars

Fenugreek seed contains diosgenin, a substance that is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. This property is essential for combating acne.

As a result, the components in this oil help reduce inflammation, redness, and pain. Furthermore, pimples and blackheads are prevented by the antioxidant properties of this oil.

Additionally, fenugreek oil also can reduce the number of free radicals in the body. These free radicals are responsible for forming dark spots, infections, and wrinkled skin. So if you have this substance, it can help you get rid of acne scars.

  • Enhance Breast Enlargement and Milk Supply

One of the benefits of Fenugreek oil is breast enlargement, which is popular among women. It helps to firm the breasts and can also enlarge them.

In addition, the person can directly massage the breast herself with the oil. However, it is recommended that mixtures of different oils be tried to maximize their effectiveness.

Moreover, its primary use is as a natural hormone booster. The ovaries produce this hormone during a woman’s menstrual cycle, which is a powerful way to promote the growth of a woman’s breasts.

It also increases the production of milk ducts in the breasts. This makes Fenugreek an excellent alternative to hormonal replacement therapy.

  • Improve Weight Loss

Various studies have linked fenugreek seed consumption to weight loss and health benefits. This is because the gelatinous structure of fenugreek seeds slows down the digestive process and satisfies the appetite by triggering a sense of fullness.

This enhanced function of the body enables it to absorb nutrients more effectively, giving it optimum energy.

Thus, the body’s food consumption is reduced, resulting in weight loss. In addition, it contains no harmful chemicals and is free of cholesterol, fat, or sodium.

  • Facilitate Hair Growth

If you are looking for a natural remedy for hair thinning and loss, fenugreek seeds may be an option. These seeds are rich in folic acid, vitamin A, and K.

These seeds also help improve the health of the scalp and hair. If you’re having problems with dryness and baldness, then Fenugreek is the ideal remedy for you. The seeds of Fenugreek also help fight dandruff.

  • Aids Stomach Pain and Digestive System

Many people are unaware of the benefits of fenugreek oil. Using fenugreek oil, victims suffering from inflammation, constipation, indigestion, and other ailments can relieve their discomfort.

Consequently, the digestive system is improved, resulting in the body being healthier.

  • Enhance Risk of Heart and High Blood Pressure

It has an aromatic and bittersweet fragrance. It blends well with most essential oils and is considered one of the most effective remedies for high blood pressure and heart disease.

A study in the Indian Journal of Pharmacology found that the vapor of Fenugreek reduced high blood pressure and relaxed the nervous system.

Furthermore, it is suitable for massage and can be used as an insect repellent. Finally, a few drops of Fenugreek essential oil can be used to treat fever and reduce stress.

  • Enhance Libido and Physical Endurance

In addition to its use as a culinary spice, Fenugreek has some health benefits, including improving libido and boosting testosterone levels in men. It also increases male energy and stamina.

A recent study found that a daily dose of fenugreek seeds may enhance testosterone levels in men. It increased free testosterone levels and decreased DHT levels, which were found to be linked to sexual arousal.

This compound also has various vitamins and minerals, including magnesium, essential for bone metabolism and sleep, and vitamin B6, vital for hormone production.

While the effects of fenugreek extract on erectile dysfunction are unknown, a daily dose of this herb may improve sexual desire and lead to a healthier life.

  • Aromatherapy

Fenugreek oil is used in 1 because of its aromatic properties. A vaporiser is used to turn this oil into vapor. High blood pressure can be reduced by inhaling this vapor, and the nervous system relaxes.

There is also a fever-relieving component to this therapy. This oil develops a strong aroma after only a few drops.

  • May Improve Diabetes

Can Fenugreek essential oil curve diabetes? Although there is still a lack of clinical data, the essential oil has the potential to help people who have diabetes control the condition. It helps by controlling blood sugar levels and provides strength to the heart.

It also improves the condition of beta cells via its beneficial effects on the pancreas and insulin. Furthermore, It also makes the arteries strong and improves their performance. The oil may be mixed with any other base oil to treat diabetes.

It’s possible to see significant results by taking a tablespoon of this mixture each day. However, it should be noted that the oil should be taken under the supervision of a doctor and should be consumed in small doses.

  • Promote Face and Skin Health

Nowadays, many people suffer from skin irritation, a common problem because of pollution and an unhealthy diet. Fenugreek seed is an excellent addition to your face skincare regimen, and it has several benefits, including antibacterial and antimicrobial properties.

It can also help control excess oil and reduce the risk of acne. Grind fenugreek seeds to make a paste, and apply it to the face for 15-20 minutes twice a week.

This paste is easy to remove because it contains salicylic acid, which helps to unclog the pores. When mixed with a base oil such as olive oil, it nourishes the skin while massaging.

You can also use the water extracted from the seeds as a face toner. You can keep a spray bottle with fenugreek seed water and use it whenever you feel like using it.

  • Works as an Expectorant

As a natural expectorant, Fenugreek helps you get relief from congestion by throwing out phlegm. Herbs such as this one are recognised as “phlegm cover” in Traditional Chinese Medicine as they break up stagnant energies and have an anti-inflammatory effect that is cooling.

According to a study, participants with mild asthma reported improved quality of life and lung function based on fenugreek syrup and honey consumption.

Using the oil to diffuse can relieve a cough and any stuffy feelings you may experience when you have a respiratory infection.

However, pregnant women and people genetically prone to diabetes or low testosterone should consult a physician before using it in their daily regimen.

Fenugreek Oil Popular Uses

Fenugreek oil popular uses

In addition to its aromatherapy and topical uses, fenugreek oil can be utilised internally and topically. This essential oil has a warm woody scent and contrasts nicely with chamomile, sandalwood, and other calming essential oils.

1. Digestive Aid: For digestive problems like constipation, add 1-2 drops of Fenugreek to water, tea, or recipes.

2. Skin Soother: It is possible to soothe inflammatory symptoms on the skin with fenugreek essential oil. This herb can also serve as an excellent addition to massage oil since it calms the skin and eases swelling and pain.

3. Ease Tension: You can inhale directly from the container or diffuse some drops of the essentialoil in the house. 

4. Hair Health and Shine: To reduce dandruff and boost moisture in your hair, mix half a teaspoon of coconut oil with 1 to 2 drops of fenugreek oil and massage into your scalp. Allow the mixture to sit for 5 minutes, then rinse it out.

5. Breast Milk Production: To stimulate breast milk production, drop one to two drops of fenugreek oil into a cup of warm tea or warm water. Consult your doctor before doing so.

6. Enhance Exercise Performance: For better exercise performance and stamina, add one to two drops of fenugreek oil to warm water or tea. You, or dilute five drops at home.

7. Foods Flavorer: When cooking with turmeric or ginger, you can add a few drops of fenugreek oil.

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Fenugreek Oil Nutrition

Fenugreek oil nutrition

A great deal of fatty acids is present in fenugreek oil and vitamins, dietary fiber, and antioxidants, like Cadinene, which comprises around 27.6% of the oil composition. In fenugreek oil, you will also find the presence of Bisabolol, Cadinol, and Eudesmol.

In addition to behenic acid, stearic acid, arachidic acid, and palmitic acid, fenugreek oil also contains saturated fatty acids. There are also other fatty acids in this oil, including oleic acid and linoleic acid, which serve as both PUFAs and MUFAs.

Uses of Fenugreek Oil

There is a wide range of benefits provided by fenugreek oil, making this oil highly beneficial. It is used for various purposes, including massage treatment and a remedy for different problems. In addition to that, this oil can also be utilised to kill mosquito larvae.

Unproven Remedies

The extent of these anti-inflammatory effects of fenugreek seeds and extracts has yet to be established in human studies, despite research primarily carried out on animals.

According to unverified fenugreek remedies, the following health concerns are improved or treated:

  • kidney ailments
  • gout
  • leg ulcers
  • chronic cough
  • mouth ulcers
  • cancer
  • sciatica
  • boils
  • hair loss
  • bronchitis
  • swelling in lymph nodes
  • low testosterone

Buying and Storage

You can purchase fenugreek oil online. The essential oil of Fenugreek can be found at many essential oil stores. To keep it fresh, you must store it in an airtight container away from heat and sunlight.

For more convenience, the undiluted fenugreek oil is also available in capsules with dosages ranging from 500 mg to 1,200 mg. In addition, many tea drinkers add fenugreek oil to white or even green tea by piercing the capsules.

Risks and Side Effects

Fenugreek oil risks and side effects

It is essential to take precautions when using fenugreek oil internally or topically, even though it has exceptional benefits. There are many possible side effects from direct use of raw oil, rashes, diarrhea, gas, and bloating.

In addition, although fenugreek seed is labeled as a “generally recognised as safe” substance by the Food and Drug Administration, it may also cause an allergic reaction in some people.

Coughing, wheezing, and swelling are signs of fenugreek allergy. You should stop using this product immediately if you experience any of these side effects.

Before applying fenugreek oil to large areas of skin, a small patch test is recommended. Do not continue to use the product if irritation or redness occurs after using it topically.

Those who take blood thinners or have medical conditions that thin their blood should not use Fenugreek. This can cause easy bruising or excessive bleeding.

Having no knowledge of how to use diabetes medicine may be a problem for diabetic patients. Moreover, when consumed or applied with certain drugs, fenugreek oil may cause side effects such as breathing problems and severe reactions.

Thus, in both cases, consulting a doctor becomes essential.

Health Benefits of Fenugreek Oil – Conclusion

Fenugreek has been used for thousands of years for its medicinal properties to treat various ailments ranging from low testosterone, chronic pain, and unstable blood sugar.

You can diffuse the oil, ingest it in tea or recipes, or apply it topically. Besides acting as an anti-inflammatory and digestive aid, it is also an antioxidant. This essential oil may also enhance physical endurance and stamina.

Even though Fenugreek may benefit health, it cannot treat any disease. These health benefits are only possible if Fenugreek is organically grown and is free of pesticides and GMOs. to prevent any complications, users should consult their doctor immediately if they notice any signs of a condition.

Prior to taking fenugreek supplements or increasing their dietary intake significantly, people with chronic health conditions and lactating women should speak with their doctors.


Please Be Aware: Statements in this article is certainly not meant to address, cure, treat or even identify any disease or either been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Instead, it is only for informational reasons that it is composed.

Please, you should see your doctor or a certified medical practitioner for those who have any health problem in any respect before taking any supplement you find here or elsewhere.

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