Fitbit Ionic Won’t Turn On? Here’s what to Do

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Fitbit Ionic Won;t Turn On? Here is what to do

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Due to its accuracy and varied functionalities, Fitbit Ionic is a popular smartwatch. However, just like every other wristwatch on the market, Fitbit Ionic has its share of problems. Typical issues include Fitbit Ionic not charging, Fitbit Ionic not turning on after a shutdown, and Fitbit Ionic not turning on at all. Here’s what to do if you have the same issues as everyone else.

After knowing what Fitbit Ionic truly is and how it works, the following thing individuals should know before they accept Fitbit is the justification for why they should purchase this contraption. There are many justifications for why individuals purchase Fitbit Ionic. One of these reasons is its precision. Fitbit is exceptionally exact regarding following an individual’s number of steps, the distance they voyaged, and the calories they consumed.

It additionally tracks how long and well an individual dozes each night. What’s more, the Fitbit Ionic tracker has free internet-based devices that can help individuals sort out all the fundamental data that they want in actually taking a look at their way of life.

When people purchase Fitbit Ionic, they should know whether it is the right contraption. Assuming they need to be propelled to have a sound way of life yet don’t have any desire to enlist an individual to be their wellness mentor who will shout at them, then, at that point, this device will suit them.

Fitbit Ionic is the best smartwatch having a consistent pulse and a comfortable fit. A few proprietors of the Fitbit Ionic have been grumbling concerning their trackers that presently don’t charge. Others say that their units ran out of battery; however they had a go at interfacing with the charger, it will not react. There were also those whose trackers have a couple of percent battery, so investigating was simpler. A couple of issues may emerge with Fitbits.

However, they are easy to fix that you can do yourself. Fitbit Ionic takes exercise following to a higher level with dynamic, customized exercises, underlying GPS, multi-sport modes, and SmartTrack programmed practice acknowledgment.

 Assuming your Fitbit Ionic won’t turn on or charge, there are a few choices you can attempt. The Fitbit Ionic is the best smartwatch on your wrist. It is contrasted with numerous modern smartwatches. It is very light, which makes it lovelier to wear while working. People love this smartwatch because of its amazing features and beautiful designs. It is really smart-looking.

The Ionic is intended to be both strong and water-safe. Its implicit battery gives as long as 10 hours of following in GPS mode, which means you’ll be covered during your longest exercise meetings. Huge and little tradable groups are incorporated with your Ionic, just as a charging link.

When you conclude that you need this contraption, then the following thing you want to know is the place where to purchase Fitbit Ionic and what amount it costs. Various online stores sell Fitbit Ionic trackers. The vast majority of these stores offer coupons and limits, so you will not need to stress over their cost.

The Fitbit Ionic is a remote wristband that tracks an individual’s daily active work, including things like advances, distance, calories consumed, rest quality, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Fitbit can do this by utilizing accelerometer innovation, which tracks progressions in the speed of your developments. Consider it your virtual wellness accomplice, as it’s continually recording your movement, indeed, even while you’re resting! Instead of other wellness watches, it was designed considering style. The thin band isn’t excessively cumbersome and fits easily on your wrist. With ten color choices accessible, you can have confidence it will fit pleasantly with your closet.


Release TimeAugust 2017
Device NameFitbit Ionic
Device TypeSportwatch
Device ModelIonic
Operating SystemFitbit OS
WatchfaceDigital, Analog,
Smartphone Companion AppFitbit App
Activity AlertYes
Heart RateYes
Battery Life4 Days
Other SensorsAltimeter, Sp02 Sensor
ColorsBlue Gray, Charcoal, Slate Blue
Screen Size1.42Inch (36mm)
App StoreFitbit OS Store
Bluetooth MusicYes
Wireless ChargingContact Point Charging

Fitbit Ionic Won’t Turn On Or Charge?

Your Fitbit Ionic won’t switch ON most of the time due to simple difficulties that you may be solved yourself at home. If Fitbit Ionic is not turning on, use these proven techniques before rushing into a repair facility.

Some of the solutions to fix Fitbit ionic are described here:

1. For at least 10 seconds, hold down the menu button on the left side of the screen until you see the Fit bit icon appear.

2. If your Fitbit Ionic is still dead, try charging it for at least an hour at your computer or laptop. Because of low battery life, the Fitness Watch is often unable to switch on. This might happen if you try to power on your Fitbit after a recent software update or a hard reset.

Make sure the smartwatch has at least half of its battery before updating the firmware or doing a factory reset. Try to turn on the device as normal when it has been recharged. Your Fitbit Smartwatch would come on if a low battery caused the issue. If it does not work accordingly, move to the subsequent step.

3. Check Your Battery’s Charger

Don’t be dissatisfied! Still, there is a glimmer of hope. Make sure the charger is connected to the right outlet if this is not the case. Charge it on a separate outlet if this is the issue. If your original charger is defective, a Fitbit Approved original charger will recharge the battery. To charge your smartwatch, never use a third-party charger. Third-party chargers might potentially harm your smartphone and void your warranty if you use them. The Fitbit Ionic is still not working? Then, go to the fourth stage.

4. Wipe Ionic’s Charging Port

Your Fitbit Ionic won’t turn on because the charging port is clogged with sweat and dust. In addition, erroneous heart rate and SpO2 values may result from this.

5. Try Restarting Your Fitbit Ionic

Restarting the watch is the first step to ensure that the device isn’t turning on. This is one method. Get your hands on some Fitbit Ionics. Next, press by holding the back and bottom buttons till the Fitbit logo gives the impression on the screen. If the device can restart, the issue has been resolved for now. These are the following steps to take if it doesn’t continue.

6. Fitbit Ionic Battery Charger

Fitbit Ionic may not switch on if the battery is low. After a few minutes of charging, you can try restarting the device. Ensure that the charger is working if the device isn’t charging. Try it out first to determine whether your Fitbit ionic can be set using another charger in your home. It’s time to verify whether the charging ports are clean if the charger is operating correctly. You may need to clean out the ports to charge a gadget, which dirt may block.

Fitbit Ionic Won’t Turn On After Charging?

Fitbit Ionic won't turn on after charging?

The post you’ve just found is the one you need if your Fitbit Ionic won’t power up or charge properly. To get your gadget up and running again, follow these simple actions.

  1. I understand how frustrating it may be when a device does not perform as expected, but please be patient. The Fitbit Ionic should be back to normal after following this advice.
  2. Retain all three buttons on the left & right edges altogether. Repeating this procedure may be necessary if it doesn’t work the first time.
  3. Press the left side button and the bottom right side button. You may also try connecting your charger and pressing the button combination again if it doesn’t work.
  1. You may need to clear out the charging port if it’s clogged up. You may use a toothpick to remove any buildup on the contacts in the harbor and try charging and then powering on again. Your charger should be functioning as well.
  2. Try the button combinations above again after letting the phone charge for five hours.
  3. If the battery is fully dead, these alternatives may not work.
  4. When the battery is fully charged, try pressing different button combinations in fast succession. This may help turn your device on in certain circumstances.

Fitbit Ionic After Factory Reset

Resetting our Fitbit Ionic is one of the most common ways to solve a device issue, and we can do it as well. Try the following solution if your Fitbit Ionic doesn’t power on after a factory reset.

  • When the Fitbit logo appears on the screen, press and hold the back and bottom buttons within ten seconds, this should be done.
  • Take your hands off the controls.
  • Use the instructions in How do I switch off my Fitbit device? If your Fitbit Blaze or Fitbit Ionic doesn’t operate properly. It is possible to reset your watch.

Try Charging The Fitbit Ionic First

Try charging your Fitbit ionic first. Try restarting the device once it has been set for a few minutes. Whether the issue continues, you should contact customer service to see if your device has a problem.

Fitbit Ionic After Battery Died

If the Fitbit ionic’s battery is dead, the device will not function. It would help if you recharged the gadget to use it again. Once you’ve restored the device for a few hours, try restarting it. Also, check whether the charger and the port you’re using are clean since dirt may build up and create charging issues.

Try Charging The Fitbit Ionic

If your Fitbit Ionic won’t power up or charge, there are a few things you may do. Fitbit’s may have a few minor faults, but they’re easy to repair yourself. To address this issue, you may try one of the following options:

  • Restart the Fitbit Ionic.
  • You should first reset the watch to make sure it is not powered on or charging.
  • After pressing and holding the menu button, the Fitbit icon will appear on the screen. It should be able to turn itself on in around ten seconds.
  • If the device is rebooted, the issue should be resolved. There are a few things to try if it doesn’t restart.

Replace The Battery In Your Fitbit Ionic

Fitbit Ionic may not be able to start if the battery isn’t charged properly. The smartwatch may be charged for a few minutes to find out whether it helps. It is recharging the wearable, attempting to turn it on the same way you usually do.

If your Fitbit Smartwatch’s battery dies, it will be able to restart itself after being charged.

Fitness trackers and smartwatches are commonly left unchanged because they don’t need to be charged regularly. Therefore, your smartwatch will not be able to power itself on.

Check the battery level before upgrading or factory resetting a smartwatch’s firmware or operating system.

Ensure The Fitbit Charger Is Working Properly

Do not be dishearted if the preceding methods fail to turn on or charge your Fitbit Ionic. Charger malfunction may be a possibility.

Check your charger for loose connections or evidence of physical damage. You might potentially have a defective electrical socket. Make sure that the charger is connected to a working outlet before using it. Charge it on a separate outlet if this is the issue.


Fitbit Ionic chargers and Fitbit certified chargers must be used while charging your Fitbit device. Not doing so might result in damage to your device or battery.

Ensure that you recharge your Fitbit before the battery burns out entirely since this is not a good indicator for your devices’ battery life.

A Clean Charging Cable Port Is A Need.

Your Fitbit Ionic may not be charging because of a buildup of dirt on the charging port. As a result, properly cleaning the charging port cannot be overstated.

You may use a dry, non-wetting cloth to wipe the charger. In addition, you may use a dry cloth or a toothbrush to wipe the surface of your device.

In order to prevent electric shock, ensure sure the charger is disconnected before cleaning.

Finally, make sure the charging port is free of debris.

It’s time to check the charging ports for dirt and debris as the last step in troubleshooting. Because of land and other obstructions, charging ports on specific devices may not function properly.

Clean the charging port with a gentle cloth to eliminate any dust. Additional cleaning options include rubbing alcohol and cotton balls.

Fitbit Ionic Won’t Turn At The Time Of Turning My Wrist?

Fitbit Ionic Won't Turn At The Time Of Turning My Wrist?

This is a common gripe with the Fitbit Ionic. Let me show you how to address this problem that has been widely discussed on the internet:

  • Open Settings on your Fitbit Ionic.
  • Change the “Screen Wake” option from “Manual” to “Auto” in the menu.
  • You may need to restart your watch to switch it on if the setting is currently set to “Auto.”
  • A factory reset is also an option if your watch won’t turn on.
  • It is possible to restart your Fitbit to give your watch a “power reset.” In addition, it clears the RAM and halts any processes running on the device, including those that may be interfering with your Fitbit’s performance.

    Rebooting Fitbit is Very Easy

    Press and hold the right and left buttons on the bottom of the screen simultaneously. Your watch display will show the Fitbit logo in a matter of seconds.

    You’re OK to go if your Fitbit turns on and functions. Check out the following advice if it doesn’t work:

    Before using the Fitbit Ionic, make sure it is completely charged. Your Fitbit’s battery may have run out. This issue affects all battery-powered devices.

    It’s best to charge your Fitbit using the charger provided by the company. It would help if you allowed it to charge for at least 30 minutes to an hour before using it. Try turning on your device again. If the Fitbit’s battery has to be recharged, it will switch on and start operating again. If the watch still does not work, you may go to step 3.

    You will not be able to charge your Fitbit using a defective or malfunctioning charger. As a result, it won’t power up. There may be physical damage, loose connections, or other oddities with your watch’s charger.

    Fitbit Chargers are available for purchase if your current charger shows signs of wear and tear. You can’t use a broken charger to recharge your watch.

    Do not waste your time and money purchasing a third-party unauthorized watch charger. Damage to your smartwatch might result from improper charging. Isn’t it something you’d rather avoid?

    Remember to inspect your wall socket as well. Is it even functioning at all? The charger may be tested by connecting it to another electrical outlet.

    Make sure that the charger’s charging port is also cleaned. The tip of the charger might get clogged with debris and dust, preventing a proper connection. Remove your charger from the wall socket and wipe it off with a dry, clean cloth.

    Inspect and decontaminate a port for charging Ionic devices

    Fitbit charging ports may get clogged with debris and sweat over time. This holds for every gadget that has a port. Despite the charger being plugged in, the watch will not be set in this situation.

    If your Fitbit’s charging port is obstructed, the first step is to examine inside the port for any debris. A gentle cloth should always be used to clean the port of your device. You might irreversibly harm the pier if you apply too much effort when cleaning it.

     Check the Settings:

    If Screen Awake isn’t functioning on your device, the most likely cause is that it’s not activated on your device. Ensure that the settings are precise. This is how it’s done.

    • The battery on my Fitbit Ionic is dead.
    • Set up your Fitbit Ionic by turning it on.
    • As soon as you see “Screen Awakening Settings,” hold down the left button for around two seconds.
    • Ensure that the Auto option is carefully chosen in the setting.
    • Screen Awake will now be activated on your Ionic device if it isn’t already.
    • If Screen Awake isn’t working even though it’s set to Auto, reset your device and give it another go. After this, you shouldn’t have any more problems.

    Factory Reset

    Factory reset is an option if the issue continues and you’ve tried all other methods. However, before doing a factory reset on your Fitbit ionic, you should speak with customer service to ensure that it will work properly after the reset. Following are the procedures you may do if you’ve been instructed by customer service to reset your device.

    • When the Fitbit Ionic’s display shows the Fitbit Logo, press and hold all of the device’s buttons.
    • Now let go of the bottom right button, but keep the other buttons pressed down.
    • Release all other buttons when the smartphone begins to vibrate.
    • All of your data will be erased, and after it’s done, you may use your smartphone once again.
    • The Screen Awake function should now be operating after a re-setup of the device.

    Fitbit Ionic Won’t Turn On After Shutdown

    After shutting off your Fitbit Ionic, don’t panic; I’ve come up with a workaround. After shutting down your Fitbit, it doesn’t switch back on. Fitbit hasn’t publicly addressed this problem. There’s a good likelihood that the software on the watch is to blame for this problem.

    At least 20 seconds after shutting down your Fitbit Ionic, press and hold the bottom and left buttons for as long as possible. You’ll see the Fitbit’s reboot logo show on the screen when you power on the Fitbit for the first time.

    Try taking your Fitbit to a repair shop if this doesn’t work. You’ll need a professional to examine and repair the problem.

     Fitbit Ionic won’t turn on after update:

    After shutting off your Fitbit Ionic, don’t panic; I’ve come up with a workaround. After shutting down your Fitbit, it doesn’t switch back on. Fitbit hasn’t publicly addressed this problem. There’s a good likelihood that the software on the watch is to blame for this problem. Follow these steps to repair the issue:

    At least 20 seconds after shutting down your Fitbit Ionic, press and hold the bottom and left buttons for as long as possible. You’ll see the Fitbit’s reboot logo show on the screen when you power on the Fitbit for the first time.

    Try taking your Fitbit to a repair shop if this doesn’t work.


    The Fitbit Ionic is a terrific smartwatch. However, there are some issues with it. Charging problems for Fitbit customers seem to be a common occurrence. Fitbit Ionic not charging? Here is how to repair it.

    You should replace your watch if it is still under warranty. The recommendations above may help you while you wait, so give them a go. Regardless of warranty status, all users are eligible for discounts and help. Although they are very useful, they are also prone to failure, just like any other technological device. The “Fitbit Ionic won’t turn on” issue may be fixed by following these five easy steps. A computer genius is not required to utilize any of the methods I’ve detailed here.


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