Fast Food Restaurants & other Stores Accepting Apple Pay in the USA in 2022

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Fast Food Restaurants & Stores in the USA accepting Apple Pay

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People have been using their iPhones to pay for items recently, haven’t they? It is all done using Apple Pay, its mobile payment app. You can use Apple Pay to pay for products with your mobile device via NFC contactless payments. As a result of dynamic encryption, NFC payments such as Apple Pay are exceptionally safe and secure. In addition to Touch ID, Apple’s fingerprint technology, Apple Pay provides additional security, and as a bonus, NFC payments are pretty convenient. It takes only a few seconds to complete than EMV chip card payments, which might take longer.

Apple Pay’s popularity is no surprise. More than two million establishments presently offer Apple Pay. Stickers on shop windows or at points of sale indicate whether an institution accepts Apple Pay, NFC, or tap-and-pay payment methods like Apple Pay. It isn’t simply an option for physical and mortar stores. An increasing number of applications now allow you to make safe transactions with a single touch using Apple Pay. If the app has been configured to accept Apple Pay, it shows as a payment option.

Is Apple Pay accepted at any of these stores? They may be found anywhere. Even the top American shops are already accepting Apple Pay. If purchased online today, the reader will arrive within five to seven business days.

Many experts feel that customer loyalty will help increase the number of mobile payments in general, not only Apple Pay. There may be few better examples of success than Starbucks. Loyalty programs must be tailored to the items being sold by merchants to be effective.

Fast Food Restaurants & other Stores that Accepts Apple Pay in the USA in 2022

Apple Pay is Apple’s new NFC-based portable instalment framework, which permits iPhone and iPad clients to make fast buys at every one of the significant retailers. You should take your Apple iPhone close to the MasterCard terminal and use Touch ID for making buys. You can even make in-application buys utilising this versatile instalment framework.

Apple Pay is a profoundly gotten versatile instalment framework, which has been ensured with a two-section equipment-based security arrangement. This framework coordinates with your unique finger impression before starting any new exchange.

Apple Pay is at a high level and has gotten portable instalment administration. You can secure Apple Pay from a distance from any program or Apple gadget if your iPhone is lost or taken. You want to visit Find My iPhone and put your iPhone gadget into the “Lost Mode”. After which, this mobile instalment system will be locked, and all your secret information will be secure.

Exactly when you are at a checkout counter, you bobble through with the money or cards to make the instalment. Nonetheless, assuming you realise how to utilise Apple Pay, this will not be the situation. You should go close to a contactless peruser and hold your iPhone against it, and your finger squeezed to the Touch ID.

When you hear the signal sound, your instalment is handled. The receipt is put away in your Passbook application as your record of the buy. To see whether a store utilises this innovation, check for the contactless image close to the peruser at the checkout counter, and you will want to use it there. This innovation is accessible at 220,000 + stores in the US.

The Fast Food Restaurants That Receive Apple Pay In the USA

Fast-food establishments in the United States have collaborated with Apple to accept Apple Pay.

More than 15,000 Starbucks locations throughout the United States: making it one of the most popular restaurants that accept Apple Pay.

  • KFC – Over 3900 KFC outlets support Apple Pay, making it the most popular fast food brand in the United States.
  • McDonalds – In addition to McDonald’s, another well-known fast-food business, McDonald’s also accepts Apple Pay. Corporations own more than 14,000 restaurants in the United States.
  • Panera Bread – If you’re looking for a restaurant that takes Apple Pay, Panera Bread is an excellent choice. There are approximately 2100 branches of the corporation in the United States.
  • Dunkin’ – A fast-food business famed for its doughnuts, dunkin’ is a popular choice.
  • Chipotle – Fast-food chain Chipotle also takes Apple Pay, making it a popular option for customers. Nearly 2,500 of the company’s locations are in the US.
  • Taco Bell – Popular fast-food restaurant Taco Bell is known for its diverse tacos and other things.
  • Chick-fil-A: Another well-known restaurant in the United States that takes Apple Pay. In the United States, the firm had around 2600 locations.
  • Philz Coffee – In the world of coffee, Philz Coffee is a household name, thanks to the quality of its product. Over 66 branches of the firm offer Apple Pay as a form of payment.
  • Baskin-Robbins – Famous ice cream shop Baskin-Robbins is famed for its high-quality ice cream varieties. Apple Pay is accepted at over 2500 restaurants in the United States. Apple Pay is accepted at these well-known fast-food businesses.
  • Some other fast-food restaurants that receive Apple Pay include Firehouse Subs, Jamba Juice, White Castle, Fuddruckers, and Luby.

The Food Delivery Apps Which Receive Apple Pay In the USA

The Food Delivery Apps Which Receive Apple Pay In the USA

Many of us in the United States utilise food delivery apps to get our favourite meals and groceries delivered right to our door. These popular food delivery apps take Apple Pay. This section will tell you which meal delivery apps allow Apple Pay if you utilise that payment method.

  1. We’ll start with DoorDash since it’s one of the most widely used meal delivery services in the United States. Additionally, the app is accessible in all 50 states of the United States and works well with Apple Pay.
  2. On-demand delivery service Postmates has partnered with Apple Pay. In the United States, it’s in over 2900 places, from Brooklyn to Queens to Columbus to Dallas to Houston to Kirkland and everywhere in between.
  3. In addition to Uber Eats and DoorDash, Grubhub is one of the most popular food ordering from local eateries. You may use Apple Pay to pay for the app in all 50 states of the United States.
  4. Apps like Seamless are relatively new, but they’re presently only available in 450+ locations throughout the United States, including Houston and Miami.
  5. Over 18 states in the United States are covered by Instacart, a popular grocery delivery app. Apple Pay is accepted as a payment mechanism by the app.

The Food Delivery Apps Which Accepts Apple Pay

Apple has also partnered with a slew of well-known apps to enable Apple Pay users to make purchases. Apps that support Apple Pay are included in this area.

  1. Popular software, Airbnb, enables its users to find someplace to sleep. More than 2.9 million hosts in the United States are available via the service, and you may pay using Apple Pay.
  2. In the United States, Fancy is a well-known app that enables users to purchase goods and services online. Fancy Shopping may be paid for using Apple Pay as well.
  3. A central e-commerce platform, Groupon enables consumers to purchase products, services, and other items through the internet. The payment method of this company is Apple Pay.
  4. Apps like Uber and Lyft make hailing a ride simple.
  5. A top-rated ride-hailing service in the United States, Uber is referred to as Uber. Apple Pay is a convenient way for customers to pay for their fares using the organisation’s app.

Is Burger King Allowed to Accept Apple Pay?

Burger King’s online ordering app does not support Apple Pay since they no longer help iOS devices. In addition, neither at-store nor via the BK app, nor in the drive-thru, does Burger King allow Apple Pay. Venmo, credit cards, debit cards, and cash are all accepted at Burger King. When Burger King first launched, they provided Apple Pay via their mobile app, but customers couldn’t use it at the restaurant or drive-thru. They stopped using Venmo in 2019 because of a dispute with PayPal, which controls the mobile payment service.

They were partnering with PayPal in 2014, effectively eliminating Apple Pay from the game since both businesses are rivals in this area. Burger King Customers may use their PayPal accounts, gift cards, or the restaurant’s app to order their meal depending on their preference. In-store or drive-thru orders may be placed in advance via the Burger King mobile app.

There isn’t a lot of difference between mobile transaction applications in terms of ease of use. Many bargains, coupons, and limited-time specials may be found on the Burger King app, which is the primary reason to use it. A large number of these rewards are redeemable for in-store, drive-thru, or internet purchases.

Because Burger King’s agreement with PayPal, Apple Pay is not an option. Additionally, the app has filters that allow you to identify nearby retailers and search for specials and promotions. Nutritional information is also available for those who choose to eat at a Burger King but are concerned about their overall health.

Does Subway Accept Apple Pay?

Fast Food Restaurants & other Stores that Accepts Apple Pay in the USA in 2022

The simple answer is yes, and you can use Apple Pay to pay for Subway rides. Subway was the first fast-food chain to accept Apple Pay. While this is true in the United States, it may not be the same in other nations.

With the addition of Apple Pay compatibility for in-app orders, customers of Subway’s iPhone app can now quickly get their favourite footlong meatball sandwich. It’s also the first time Curbside Pickup has been included in the app.

Customers will no longer have to submit their credit card information when they place an order, but they will no longer have to walk inside a restaurant to retrieve it. Right now, COVID-19 is at the top of everyone’s thoughts, and this news is a significant problem.

Apple Pay and Curbside Pickup make ordering the food you love simpler than ever. Select “Curbside Pickup” in your basket, gives us the make and model of your vehicle, and we’ll have your meal waiting for you when you arrive. It’s time to upgrade to get all the new features and bug fixes! There is no charge for customers to download the updated software on Apple’s App Store.

Does JetBlue Accept Apple Pay?

‘Even More Space’ seat upgrades and some food and beverage goods will be the first onboard transactions to be made with Apple Pay. Apple Pay, a secure, Near Field Communication (NFC)-enabled contactless payment method, has been available to passengers with an iPhone 6, and onwards, or an Apple Watch, which will be released in the US soon.

“Customers expect a straightforward and quick transaction when they elect to make an onboard purchase so that they can go back to enjoying their journey,” Marty St George, JetBlue Airways’ Senior Vice President, Commercial, said in a statement.

This month, a few transcontinental flights; from New York to San Francisco and Los Angeles will begin receiving Apple Pay payment. It has been accessible on all JetBlue routes by June 2015. Apple Pay was integrated into JetBlue’s App later this year.

The iPad minis and NFC-enabled covers will be distributed to over 3,500 flight attendants, allowing them to use Apple Pay on board. It is planned to include a special software called Inflight Service Assistant on the iPad minis, which will allow passengers and staff to quickly identify one other via the use of the manifest and real-time flight data.

In an interview with JetBlue Executive Vice President, Customer Experience Joanna Geraghty, she noted, “JetBlue has always stood out because our crew members care about our customers.” A “perfect alliance of high tech and high touch” may be achieved by providing crew members with “thoughtful” methods to employ technology.

Does Walmart Accept Apple Pay?

Fast Food Restaurants & other Stores that Accepts Apple Pay in the USA in 2022

All Walmart stores will no longer accept Apple Pay in 2021. Instead, customers may use Walmart Pay on their iPhones at the registers and self-checkout lanes to buy things. Only MasterCard, Visa, Checks, PayPal, AmEx, and cash are accepted at Walmart.

If you are an iPhone user who wishes to pay for goods at Walmart using your smartphone, you’re in luck! To get started, you’ll need to download the Walmart Pay app to your iPhone, create a free account, and link your debit or credit card to the Walmart Pay app.

Walmart had another reason for not accepting Apple Pay before the launch of Walmart Pay. They were targeted because of their ties to Merchant Customer Exchange (MCX).

QR code-based payment system CurrentC is exclusively accepted by the corporation (MCX). Walmart does not utilise MXC, as with Google Pay and Samsung Pay, since it is a direct rival of Apple Pay.

Additionally, Walmart refuses to accept Apple Pay since they cannot collect any data when a client makes a transaction.

As a result, Walmart can provide personalised suggestions and alerts to consumers who use the Walmart Pay app. This information is invaluable.

According to a Walmart spokeswoman Walmart has no plans to adopt Apple Pay. You don’t need Apple Pay since Walmart Pay is embedded into the Walmart app you already have on your iPhone.


New technology is renowned for being shunned or ignored entirely in the restaurant industry. Even though NFC has been around for a while, Apple’s announcement of its new mobile payment system this week has given it an enormous boost.

Both in-store and online, Apple Pay is a viable option for consumers. NFC-enabled iPhones can not only be used to pay for a burger at McDonald’s, but they can also be used to pay for a meal order via Panera’s order-ahead mobile app. Apple’s TouchID fingerprint reader is used to authenticate and confirm purchases in both settings. Tokenisation, another outdated technique Apple will use to secure sensitive credit card data.

In terms of small enterprises and eateries, Apple Pay is essential. Apple has made some substantial advancements in the use of existing technologies. NFC, for example, was implemented into Apple Pay to make mobile payments more convenient for customers. To ensure broad customer acceptance in the future, Apple focuses on making things as simple as possible for users.

For better or worse, Apple Pay will become a part of everyday life for Apple consumers. Using their iPhone as a method of payment will appeal to them since it looks fantastic. If your shop accepts Apple Pay, customers may look for you. Customers of Apple products expect to take full advantage of the features that come with their devices. However, it will take some time for Apple Pay to reach its full potential.

On the other hand, Apple Pay has a few flaws right out of the gate. Consumers aren’t getting anything from Apple or its merchant partners when they use Apple Pay. As a result, restaurant owners can choose Apple Pay or other mobile payment systems like the Merchant Customer Exchange, LevelUp, or Softcard (formerly known as Isis). However, many industry analysts predict that: something will be announced in the following year.

Mobile wallets may provide location-based offers using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) (another old technology). Speciality food restaurants love LevelUp’s BLE capabilities, making them available to its partners. Beacons, which use Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), allow shops to send smartphone offers to customers. To transmit recommendations, merchants use a separate beacon device. iBeacon and Apple Pay have not yet been integrated, but you can guarantee that something will happen in the future.

If Apple Pay boosts sales at McDonald’s and Subway, others may follow suit, if only because of Apple’s attraction. In the meanwhile, restaurants have other options to explore.  Next year, the CurrentC mobile App will be available via MCX (which Wendy’s started selling earlier this year). Barcodes will be used in that system, but it also has a complex loyalty program in mind. Apple Pay cannot be accepted at stores that use CurrentC, so there’s a trade-off. MCX has a one-on-one contact with customers at the moment of transaction. 


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