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Fitweightlogy - Motivation - The ultimate guide of motivation

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Being motivated can seem impossible if you aren’t familiar with the concepts and strategies of motivation. The good news is that there are many ways to boost your momentum permanently, not just temporarily.

The ultimate formula for generating and regaining motivation is revealed in this novelty guide. As a result, you will establish control over your life and prepare yourself to accomplish your goals.


For a layperson, motivation is defined as a driving force that makes an individual do something even when they don’t want to do it. It is also defined as the ability to achieve specific goals and aims. This definition is expansive because it involves the ability of humans to affect their behavior, attitudes, thoughts, and feelings. To understand what motivation is, all you need to do is understand the three factors involved in this phenomenon – what are they?

The three factors of what is motivation? First of all, we need to define what a ritual is. A ritual can be defined as a repeated action or routine which causes an individual to get motivated. Rituals can be anything, a song, a movie, a television show, or an exercise regime. The more a ritual is repeated, the more you get motivated to carry it out.

The second factor is related to the third factor, an individual’s capability of carrying out a regular task. The higher the level of performance in a routine, the greater are the chances of the person being motivated to carry it out. This means the more physical movement, the more it will be perceived as an essential job. The more you will feel the pressure to perform and the more the brain will become preoccupied with the challenge of completing the routine in the best possible manner. This is where most professionals’ definition of motivation stops.

“The chances you take, the people you meet, the people you love, the faith that you have. That’s what is going to define you”.

Denzel Washington
Fitweightlogy - What is motivation?


We have first to understand the importance of motivation as human behavior. Motivation has been called “the thread that binds” because it is the tying force that holds people together despite differences, challenges, and the typical uncertainties in life. It is also what keeps them going when things seem impossible. Self-motivation is the driving force that helps individuals increase their self-awareness, acquire new skills and apply them successfully.

Self-motivated people are able to make rational decisions that satisfy their need to be successful, achieve their goal orientations, and attain their goals. Self-motivated people are also successful at task completion, problem-solving, time management, and the planning process. People with higher educational status, men and women, are more likely to be self-motivated. Motivated individuals are highly productive because they can meet their goals. They can work productively in all aspects of their lives.

 Two primary sources can influence an individual’s motivational experience.

One is past experiences, and the other is current interrelations of various elements such as arousal, interest, competence, opportunity, relationships, resources, reward, and motivation. Past experiences have a powerful influence on how an individual learns to evaluate and interpret events. They also play a significant role in the interpretation of the behavior and motivation of other individuals. The interrelations of these elements can be understood from two main models-attention and motivation. According to the first model, attention is the most important form of motivation, while according to the second model, motivation is an essential form of attention.

Attending to the goal orientations and the underlying motivational construct models is vital for effective appraisal and interpretation of individual behavior and motivation. For example, an individual’s intrinsic motivation may be focused on completing the task or accomplishing a goal. In contrast, extrinsic motivation may be driven by the need for recognition, a sense of achievement, a sense of control, or even personal gain.

In order to understand the importance of motivation for a person, it is necessary to perform some task values analysis using the techniques of psychological theory. One such technique is relative weight analysis. The importance of a psychological concept is assigned a higher value than that of another idea, which can be a higher or lower priority in the individual’s life.

Fitweightlogy - Understanding the importance of motivation for a person


One of the biggest questions asked by people trying to live a successful life, and achieve their goals, is ‘Why is it difficult to stay motivated?’ Most people have a minimal understanding of motivation, much less understanding of what it can do for you. Motivation has different effects on different people, and its products are even more amplified under challenging situations. So it’s crucial to get a full grasp of the meaning of motivation and what it can do for you.

Motivation is more of a principle that guides your behavior. It is inherent in us naturally but is often kept at a remove or removed by our conscious mind. When we are confronted with a task that requires absolute focus and concentration, we automatically use our subconscious power to ‘make do’ and reach the goal. We are so accustomed to using this principle that it has become a very effective tool for us.

This means that when you face a difficult challenge or a high level of pressure, your subconscious mind can become engaged in strategies to divert your attention and energy away from the problems at hand. When you focus on the issue at hand, your motivation levels increase, your confidence improves, and your performance improves.

If we take everything we learned about motivation and apply it to everyday life, we would have a great time. For starters, we could reduce all the difficulties in our lives. For instance, let’s say you are having difficulty staying motivated. All you need to do is sit down and think about how you could achieve the level of motivation you feel you are capable of. You need to be creative and think outside the box. Once you get started on this journey, your motivation level will dramatically improve.

“If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things.”

Albert Einstein

It is probably an obvious observation, but you must remain consistent. Motivation dies very quickly if it is not sustained. The easiest way to maintain motivation is to give yourself regular “me” time. You can spend as much time doing things that make you happy as possible. By spending time doing the items, you enjoy you are less likely to feel so guilty when you cannot control your behavior!

Once you understand the answers to the questions “Why is it difficult to stay motivated?” you will start to notice that the solutions are not always as simple as they might seem at first glance. This is the beauty of motivation; it is not always a straight line, and maintaining motivation requires you to make some difficult choices.

Fitweightlogy - Motivation - Why is it difficult to stay motivated?


Motivational studies have identified three basic types of motivation, which include intrinsic, extrinsic, and mixed. Intrinsic motivation is what comes from within, as it is the drive for rewards and praise from others. Extrinsic motivation is something that you can gain from rewards or recognition, but it is short-lived and temporary.

The intrinsic motivation types are more reliable because they are more relevant and sustainable over time, while extrinsic motivation types are situational and lose their relevance as quickly as they come upon us. Some examples of extrinsic motivation are fame and recognition, money, and recognition.

Intrinsic motivation is what we are naturally inclined to do in the given circumstances, with little to no outside influence. It’s the “I want to” kind of motivation and is quite common among most of us. The most widely used intrinsic motivation types are the reward-based variety. Rewards are the most popular and effective form of intrinsic motivation, as they are simple and easy to accomplish. When we get something for doing a task, this makes us want to do more of the same, and in the end, to get more of what we want, and it pays off well.

Extrinsic motivation is what we use for recognition, money, recognition, and appreciation. Children and adolescents most commonly use these types of motivation. In this case, it is not the “I want to” motivation but the “getting rewarded” motivation. Recognition motivates us to do more of what we want to do and to become more proficient at the task in question. Money motivates us to buy products and perform more duties, and appreciation motivates us to give thanks.

The third type, mixed motivation, is the mixture of the two previous motivators – intrinsic and extrinsic. We may be competent but not good at giving praise or getting gifts, therefore using extrinsic motivation techniques. Mixed motivation uses all three of these motivators but with a bit of moderation. We want to feel competent and good at giving praise and getting gifts, so we use intrinsic motivation techniques.

So what types of motivation are there? It can be difficult for many people to differentiate between these and even know why they are relevant. However, one clear thing is that all three forms of motivation have their benefits and uses. It is essential, then, to recognize that motivator is most appropriate for your own goals.

You may want to use intrinsic motivation because you want to achieve a goal on your own, and intrinsic motivation will help you take the proper steps. You may also want to use extrinsic motivation because you need recognition, money, and recognition for your behavior. Other people choose to mix and match these types of motivation because they like to keep learning new things. Still, others may want to use all three for a balanced approach to their goals.

Fitweightlogy - Recognizing the three types of motivation


Positive Reinforcement is one of the main techniques in behavior modification that has been tried and tested for many years. Many programs use different forms of training to help their patients deal with challenging behavior or even difficult situations. In this particular type of training, you are taught how to effectively reinforce a person, not to feel bad when their punishment is meted out. Some examples would be giving the child a break if they obey your commands, rewarding good behavior, and reinforcing them when they do something wrong.

The main drawback to this type of training is that the person can become too dependent on you or feel that they are getting a raw deal. This can quickly happen if you do not have clear guidelines to follow regarding what is acceptable and what is not. Some use negative Reinforcement, which is essentially telling the person that they will receive a worse punishment if they continue their bad behavior. This can work to keep the person in line, but it can also backfire if the sentence is not severe enough to deter future bad behavior.

Some prefer using positive reinforcement techniques, and they find that they work much better because they are more hands-on with their patients. The positive type of training can be used for children as young as three and is often used in medical and educational programs. When you are using this type of teaching method, you are instructing the child right from what is expected of them.

You can either give them a piece of paper and a pencil, or you can tape a reward on the outside of the document and stick it in front of them until they accomplish the task. For instance, if the child was trying to steal the toy, you can tell them that they will get a small toy if they successfully steal the item. The reward does not have to be expensive, just something that will encourage them to continue the training.

Fitweightlogy - Understanding the positive reinforcement vs. negative reinforcement for adults


So your first step towards becoming successful would be to learn what motivates you and how you can use this to get what you want out of life. When you are successful in achieving these goals, then you are on your way to happiness.

When we talk about motivation, we must speak about attaining goal, but we must also talk about applying these same concepts to actions. For example, if you want to lose weight and you set some goals for yourself, you must commit yourself to exercise daily, to eat healthy, to do the things that you must do so you can lose the weight, and to set reasonable goals that you can do daily or weekly. In addition, you must focus on the result, and you must never give up until you reach the end goal. Only by doing these simple things will you be able to be successful at your goals.

“By recording your dreams and goals on paper, you set in motion the process of becoming the person you most want to be. Put your future in good hands — your own”.

Mark Victor Hansen

If you want motivation, there is nothing better than motivational books and tapes or CDs. You are simply listening to these types of things and repeating them as often as you can positively affect your subconscious mind. This has a significant effect on motivation and your capability to set objectives for yourself and your actions. In addition, it can help you change the way you think about yourself and change the direction of your life.

Motivation is a significant part of success, and without it, you will never be able to succeed; this is why you must make sure that you find the motivation you need every day so that you can achieve your goals.

Fitweightlogy - Motivation - How to attract positive results by aligning your thoughts and actions


The Motivation Flow concept is a technique that has enabled overweight people to lose weight and have a more positive self-image. People who apply this method live a healthier lifestyle, have greater self-esteem and achieve tremendous success in their lives. The Motivation Flow program teaches a person how to activate the mind to move forward rather than hold themselves back or being trapped in a negative mindset. There are six steps to starting the reason for positive change.

The first step to activating the mind for change is understanding how to recognize and utilize the power of the motivation flow. The Motivation Flow consists of six essential areas. The first is where you stand at the starting line. This is the one way that we all start in life. Once you understand where you are from, you can move forward through this space consciously and without resistance using the techniques of the Motivation Flow.

The second part of the Six-Step Process is aware of the core energy of motivation grounded in your subconscious core. Being aware of the center enables you to move through this space with purpose and power, and you can move through it emotionally and mentally. The third area is being aware of the surface benefits you will receive when you actively apply yourself towards change. These are the rewards of having meaning in your life and the benefits of aligning with your core values and principles.

The fourth area that is covered relates to developing a plan that is aligned with your core values. Having a project focused on your core motivators and strategies allows you to develop plans for daily activities aligned with these core motivators. These plans also provide surface support for your daily activities. This is done by developing strategies for things support for your daily activities. This is done by developing methods for something you will do every day to keep the core of your goals.

The final area we will discuss relates to the process of making choices that support your progress. In this area, we will look at the factors that create friction between you and your core values. Next, we will identify these factors and outline ways to avoid them. Finally, we will examine the types of choices that create friction and look at ways to create situations that minimize friction.

This part will focus on how having a healthy relationship with your core motivator keeps you aligned with your goals. The relationship that we develop through having a solid relationship with our motivation engine provides us with the foundation for a smooth path toward our goals.

“I hated every minute of training, but I said. Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.”Muhammad Ali

This is the basic summary of how we can gain support and be motivated by our core motivator. Using the M MOTIVATION FLOW model, you can move through this process quickly. There is a simple science to getting started and learning to use them. MOTIVATION FLOW to your advantage in achieving your goals. You can get started with the basics of applying them MOTIVATION FLOW in three steps. These three steps include: identifying your core motivator, developing a meaningful vision, and finding effective ways to reinforce your motivation.

Fitweightlogy - Motivation Flow - Using the motivation flow model to make it work work


Motivation for specific purposes like weight loss, building muscle mass, quitting smoking, increasing your confidence level, and getting your kids to do their homework can be achieved through intrinsic and extrinsic motivation.

Your internalized motivational engine is what will keep you going long after the goal has been reached. However, the problem with some people is they sometimes lack a clear picture or mental picture of their ideal life. This is where life motivation comes in. Life motivation keeps you motivated toward specific goals in your life and can help you stick to them through the tough times.

Motivation for weight loss motivation can come from within as well as outside sources. Your diet and exercise habits can contribute to your success. You can also gain motivation for weight loss goals by listening to an effective audio recording. The Motivation For Specific Purposes audio by Dr. David Katz is very effective in helping overweight people change their attitudes and perceive themselves. It can be highly motivating.

Your attitude is also essential when it comes to motivation and staying motivated. If you think you don’t have the motivation to keep working towards your goals, you are likely to give up easily. An excellent motivational source is something you can connect with, such as a good friend who will help keep you on track.

Motivation for specific purposes can also be external. For example, some people have inherent, intrinsic motivations based on extrinsic motivators such as money, fame, and recognition. However, these people are less susceptible to external, extrinsic motivation and are less likely to give up easily. Therefore, the Motivation For Specific Purposes approach is more effective when used with intrinsic motivators such as self-esteem, confidence, personal growth, and the like.

“Don’t stop when you’re tired, stop when you’re done.”

Wesley Snipes
Fitweightlogy - Motivation for specific purposes

Finding the motivation to do something so vital to us is not always so easy. To ensure that it doesn’t compete with other motives, it would be a good idea to consider our values for validation. To match external incentives provided in our environment or social context with our high internal motivation, we may have to intervene to ensure that we use them the way we intend.

In the study of motivation, we have found that high internal motives should be paired with high external explanations if we want to motivate our behavior or the behavior of others. Additionally, we may need to establish regular reminders and repetitions along with rituals to keep the motivation throughout the time.


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