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The Claritox Pro dietary supplement improves a person’s general health as well as cognitive function. The manufacturer says it improves balance, prevents falls, and addresses brain-to-body coordination issues. Although it sounds uncommon, people in their late middle age are prone to off-balancing and falling more often.

Product NameClaritox Pro
Main BenefitsPrevent vertigo, relieve dizziness, and boost brain function
IngredientsChromium, milk thistle, green tea, resveratrol, zinc, turmeric, etc
DosageTake one pill every morning and evening with a glass of water
ResultsTake 3-6 Months
Side EffectsNo considerable side effects
Specification Capsules (60 per bottle)
Price$69, $59, and $49
Official WebsiteClick Here

Individuals of all ages are susceptible to losing their balance. This weakened body coordination is caused by a dietary deficiency when no underlying medical condition exists. Most times, these issues go unnoticed, and they do not receive the treatment they need from people all over the world. Nonetheless, everybody should be aware of the small switches in the body and find an explanation to fix them for good. Ignoring imbalance will only make it worse, so we should all keep our eyes open for them.

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An imbalance of the body may conduct to vertigo, a disorder that causes an individual to be disoriented, impact his day-to-day life and force him into isolation. Other symptoms of vertigo include dizziness, headache, nausea, and lightheadedness. In addition, people often become anxious due to this exhausting and frustrating experience, resulting in worsened well-being.

In the opinion of health experts, it is only by embracing a healthy lifestyle and making smart food choices that one can improve brain-to-body coordination and take dietary formulas like Claritox Pro pills. In addition, people with dizziness, body imbalance, unexplained headaches, and other symptoms of the late middle ages can benefit from this supplement. Find out what’s in Claritox Pro and how it works by reading this Claritox Pro Review.

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As we age, our bodies become less healthy, especially in immunity, nerve function, and metabolism. It is common for people to experience nutritional deficiencies as a result of dietary changes, stress, and lifestyle changes. Even though our bodies perform all functions independently, the quality of food is as important as the availability of nourishing foods.

We must get different minerals and vitamins to keep our bodies working properly, particularly for growth, repair, and illness prevention. Micronutrients are nutrients that the body cannot produce and need to be supplied by an external source like Claritox Pro.

No micronutrient is available when there is no micronutrient in the body. As a result, you may not be absorbing vitamins as well as you should, or you may be changing your diet. In addition, the deficiencies can trigger so many health conditions, including digestive disorders, poor bone health, skin conditions, cognitive decline, etc.

Depending on age, gender, and other factors, the daily value of these nutrients may differ from person to person, but everyone needs vital minerals and vitamins from food or supplements. A person needs the nourishment that Claritox Pro offers and provides by being enriched with crucial nutrients, minerals, and vitamins. It can be tried by anyone regardless of their sexual orientation.

The manufacturer describes Claritox Pro as a 100% herbal formula that simultaneously increases coordination and alertness by targeting both brain and body health. Generally, the user experiences improved overall well-being, free of headaches, dizziness, and falls within a few months. To obtain the ingredients for its formulation, the company behind it ensures the quality of its sources is premium.

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and the latest machinery are used to manufacture the products in the US. Furthermore, no hidden ingredients or chemicals are used that might later affect the body negatively. This combination of ingredients is calculated to meet the daily requirements of an adult. Therefore, any user has few chances of experiencing a problem with it or experiencing any adverse effects.

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Unless a significant health problem is triggered, nutritional deficiencies are not considered a problem. However, many people do not realize that early treatment for dietary deficiencies can be very effective and that treatment at an advanced stage is almost impossible. Therefore, becoming aware of changes in the body, even if they are small, demands your attention, which is necessary whenever such issues arise.

Claritox Pro is an innovative formula that promises to aid those experiencing common day-to-day concerns affecting their health. Dizziness, imbalance, vertigo, forgetfulness, and fatigue are some of these common health issues. The presence of these symptoms by themselves is never so sufficiently significant as to warrant attention; however, when they begin accumulating, they show a significant health threat, which is usually caused by nutritional deficiencies.

When taken regularly, Claritox Pro supplements boost overall health, improve organ-to-organ communication, maintain the natural link between all bodily functions, and allow the body to operate more efficiently. In addition, the management of dietary needs has the most profound effect on lowering the risk of vertigo and dizziness, despite dissociating so many risk factors from them.

Even though Claritox Pro is a health-promoting supplement, there are still a few questions to be answered, such as whether this product is reliable? How is it affecting your body? Does it have any recommended or prohibited uses? The manufacturer suggests a chemical-free supplement; however, you need to cross-check this claim by carefully looking at the active ingredients, their working, and other related elements. Moreover, the amount of safe dosage for everyday use must be known and if the ingredients have met the daily value for an adult.


Developed by Jim Benson, Claritox Pro is a dietary supplement. In addition to living in a small village near Memphis, Tennessee, 67 years old Jim has a wife named Alma.

A severe case of vertigo plagued Jim in the past. He fell through the glass table when he lost his balance one day due to his vertigo while blacking out before his grandson. Jim’s face was severely lacerated when he arrived at the hospital.

Jim decided to change his life in the wake of the overwhelming incident. Claritox Pro contains ingredients that he had been investigating as a natural remedy for vertigo. According to Jim, Claritox Pro contains ingredients that astronauts use to fight dizziness while in space. To prevent dizziness and vertigo, astronauts take these ingredients.

This formula was combined with other ingredients and then taken by Jim. He experienced permanent relief from his vertigo symptoms soon after taking the formula for the first time. Jim says he does not suffer from vertigo or dizziness anymore and leads an everyday and healthy life today.

In his quest to provide relief to those with vertigo, Jim can now sell Claritox Pro online to those who are suffering from vertigo, making the claim it provides the same results.

Fitweightlogy - Claritox Pro Supplement Reviews


Among the ingredients in Claritox Pro are minerals, herbal extracts, vitamins, and plant extracts. Dizziness and balance are maintained through the use of these ingredients.

There are many ingredients in the supplement that are similar to the ingredients found in supplements that help regulate diabetes and blood sugar. For example, among the ingredients usually found in many diabetes dietary supplements, you have chromium, banana leaf extract, alpha-lipoic acid, and berberine.

For example, several diabetes supplements contain alpha-lipoic acid, chromium, berberine, and banaba leaf extract. Many people with diabetes regularly take all of these ingredients as part of their protection against diabetes, which has been proven to support healthy blood sugar levels.

Despite this, Claritox Pro is not promoted to people with diabetes but rather to people with vertigo. This is because your blood sugar may be balanced by the same ingredients helping you balance your diet.

Health experts urge everyone to read labels on products, especially when it is a supplement meant to boost the body’s health. This way, you can understand what its benefits are. Claritox Pro fails to disclose if its ingredients are grown or sourced from a third party, unlike many supplement companies. However, this is a common practice among supplement companies that procure their raw ingredients from a trusted supplier.

In Jim’s opinion and based on his team’s research, here are the primary ingredients in Claritox Pro:

ZINC – For the body to function appropriately, zinc is a necessary mineral. It facilitates a healthy immune response within the body so that the body can be protected against outside threats. Besides preventing cellular communication and ensuring smooth nerve impulses, it is necessary to maintain physiological function.

Additionally, studies point to its benefits for metabolism, promoting body growth, repair, and nourishment. Its crucial role in controlling more than 300 enzymes responsible for these developmental functions starts working on development and growth as early as childhood. Ultimately, for the body to smell and taste properly, zinc must be present in sufficient quantities.

Zinc is readily available in red meat, grains, and chicken and is thus the primary source of zinc in the diet. Changes in diet, however, may lead to a zinc deficiency among people. Zinc is no longer a problem utilizing the Claritox Pro supplement since no changes must be made to one’s diet.

CHROMIUM – It is a mineral necessary for human health. In addition to supporting healthy metabolism, it also supports digestion and immunity, two directly related to metabolic health. In addition, chromium ameliorates insulin sensitivity, facilitating glucose uptake by cells and allowing the body to transport it. Further, the digestion of carbohydrates, proteins, and lipids makes it easier for the body to utilize them as fuel. Thus, chromium is an essential nutrient for the human body, yet it doesn’t require a higher concentration.

ALPHA LIPOIC ACID – Claritox Pro’s ingredient contains no acid, so do not be fooled by the word. It has an array of health benefits and can be detected in abundance in Yeast, Kidney, Potatoes, Broccoli, and Spinach. Among its primary functions is producing insulin based on the body’s needs and demands. During experiments, however, some research studies revealed that it is efficacious in cell regeneration, vitamin C and E absorption, and inflammation relief, as well as anti-aging protection. As a multi-action antioxidant, this product is beneficial for patients who are overweight since it gets rid of components that may trigger nerve pain.

GREEN TEA EXTRACT – The health benefits of green tea leaves are abundantly evident in numerous studies. As a group, antioxidants appear to reduce the chance of illness progression, remove toxic materials from the body and protect the brain from aging too early and loss of coordination. Additionally, the catechins in green tea support uninterrupted circulation and metabolism as green tea leaves contain anti-inflammatory properties.

Several compounds in green tea contribute to mental alertness, improved cognitive function, and improved memory. All this information suggests that green tea is an important ingredient in Claritox Pro.

Fitweightlogy - Claritox Pro Review - Claritox Pro Benefits

BERBERINE HCL – The addition of berberine to many formulations enhances the absorption of other active ingredients. The supplement also helps to regulate insulin production and response, maintaining the liver in line with the body’s requirements. Aside from lowering cholesterol levels, berberine provides other unique benefits, such as healing wounds, reducing acne, and more.  Moreover, research studies have proven that berberine may prevent the onset of some neurological disorders as well as cardiovascular diseases and hypertension. Therefore, berberine is an excellent addition to Claritiox Pro.

RESVERATROL – Although resveratrol sounds like a substance, it is a stilbenoid. That means it is an element found in plants to treat any damage. Resveratrol is customarily produced when viruses and fungi attack plants. Similarly, this compound eliminates toxins, free pathogens, wastes materials, and radicals that may harm the body when applied to human bodies. Wine, chocolate, and alcohol are all-natural sources of resveratrol. However, a body may have trouble obtaining adequate amounts of it from natural sources alone, requiring a supplement in the form of Claritox pro.

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Additionally, the products are formulated with proprietary ingredients, which are:

MILK THISTLE – An herb that can be used to maintain liver health, control sugar levels, and prevent insulin resistance can be found in this plant. Those who have difficulty maintaining their sugar levels with diet control can use it as a natural remedy. As a result of these altered sugar levels, the body is exposed to several risks, including chronic inflammation and cellular damage. You can reduce the risk of cognitive decline and improve insulin sensitivity by including milk thistle in your diet. Additionally, the remedy helps treat acne, bone fractures, allergy symptoms, and damage from falls.

CAYENNE PEPER – It is technically a spice but has similar health benefits to vegetables or fruits. Many weight loss supplements contain this ingredient since it induces thermogenesis, stimulates metabolism, and increases calorie burn. In addition, a few studies suggest that cayenne pepper can strengthen the immune system, help your body cope with emotional eating, and prevent you from gaining weight. This pepper’s primary ingredient, capsaicin, is also shown to boost cognition and nerve health; in fact, some research studies have shown that it may reverse memory loss.

PANAX GINSENG – With this ingredient, Claritox Pro can aid in reducing stress, improving sleep, and boosting energy. This formulation has the dual effects of reducing stress and regulating sleep, both proven necessary for a healthy lifestyle. Furthermore, it enhances a person’s immune system, protects them from pathogenic attacks, increases their sense of social connection, and lessens their mood.

BANANA LEAVES – The banaba leaf has been utilized for centuries to enhance insulin sensitivity to treat diabetic complications. Insulin production is increased, so the body can easily access it. The body cannot break down the food it eats and maintain energy levels when insulin is slow to produce. When glucose builds up in the blood, the body is unable to break down food. Because of the tiredness, fatigue, and frustration the body experience, Claritox Pro pills have banaba leaves inside the capsules.

Food sources are not always sufficient to satisfy nutritional deficiencies, and nutritional shortages can affect all body functions. The body can gain micronutrients for smooth functioning more quickly when using a supplement such as Claritox Pro. Using this supplement, you will not experience any side effects since it contains no artificial hormones, ingredients, or fillers.

Consumer reports and customer reviews for Claritox Pro are also available. Are the claims valid? You can learn more about Claritox Pro here.

Fitweightlogy _ Claritox Pro Reviews - Claritox Supplement Facts


Be sure to read the dosage instructions on the official Claritox Pro website.

Each Claritox Pro supplement bottle contains 60 capsules. A glass of water with two pills taken as a daily dosage is recommended. The best way to ensure that the effects will last all day and night is to take one pill in the morning and the other in the evening, after a meal. Depending on what you can handle at the moment, you can gradually increase from one capsule to two per day if this is your first time taking this. However, you may experience an undesirable effect if you exceed this limit.

It is best to seek medical advice if you are unsure whether to use a dietary supplement. This is especially important if you suffer from an illness or take any medicine every day. Moreover, dietary formulas and medications can interact and have side effects, so health experts advise against pairing them.

It is important not to mix dietary supplements, prescription medications (including over-the-counter medications), and herbal supplements. Instead, add a light to moderate amount of physical activity each day to your healthy diet to achieve the best results.


The following are some of the benefits you might reap when you regularly use Claritox pro:

  • It carries out the nutrient needs of the body without altering the diet.
  • It helps the body protect itself against pathogenic attacks or diseases as they come.
  • It keeps the body healthy as it speeds up metabolism.
  • It also offers protection against cardiovascular diseases in addition to its role in regulating blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar.
  • It maintains the energy and activity level of the body throughout the day.
  • It keeps the body healthy no matter how old we get, saving us from premature aging.
  • It prevents accidents such as uncontrollable falls and fractures.
  • It boosts the functioning of the heart, cognition, and metabolism.
  • It soothes, as a result, the quality of life and health.

Every individual will experience different results. All of these benefits can only be obtained by regularly using Claritox Pro capsules. You may not see results as soon as you skipped a dose or forgot to take the supplement each day. Please keep it on your person wherever you go as it comes in a conveniently sized bottle, and remember to take it every day.


Likely, you will not find Claritox Pro in local stores or random online stores. Claritox Pro can only be purchased online through the official website –, which offers three packages to choose from. You can choose from the following options:

Fitweightlogy - Claritox Review - Claritox Pricing

6 Bottles (180 Day Supply): $249 only. Each bottle will cost $49 + Free US Shipping

3 Bottles (90 Day Supply): $177 only. Each bottle will cost $59 + Free US Shipping

1 Bottle (30 Day Supply): $69 only. Each bottle will cost $69 + Free US Shipping.

You can get a better deal on this supplement by purchasing more bottles. Free shipping is included with all orders, and each bottle contains 60 capsules, and taking two capsules a day will last for an entire month.


It isn’t delightful to find a product that does not suit us, even though the Claritox Pro supplement has nothing to disappoint any user. But, regardless of your reasoning, please know that a 100% money-back guarantee backs Claritox Pro orders.

The company will refund your money if you do not see any improvement in your health even after using the product regularly. After buying this product, you have 60 days to request a refund. Money-back offers are available for all bottles, so you will not incur a loss regardless of the number of bottles you order.

You can discuss your concerns with the company by getting in touch. You will be offered a refund option after a representative confirms your order details. Nevertheless, please be sure to return the used and unused bottles in original packaging to the organization.  A refund will be initiated as soon as the company receives your parcel.

NOTE – It should be noted that Claritox Pro’s refund policy only applies to orders bought through their website. This refund policy does not apply to bottles purchased from other sources. Furthermore, a refund request is only accepted if it is made within 60 days of purchase. Therefore, always keep your receipt safe.


As you can see, the Claritox Pro pill is a trustworthy product based upon the provided information. Nonetheless, for those who do not yet believe the promises made by the manufacturer or have skipped some parts of this review, let’s look at seven reasons why they should.

DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS FOR USAGE – Claritox Pro pills’ official site states without any doubt that these capsules are not for everyone. In spite of the fact that it may seem to be a disadvantage at first, it makes sense to realize that it is an attempt to treat the clients fairly. As a supplement intended for middle-aged and older individuals, if someone without balance issues starts taking these pills, they won’t make much of an impact and are not recommended. Moreover, the user’s age and health status are clearly stated; no children, pregnant or breastfeeding women, or individuals with medical problems should take it without consulting their doctors before.

Fitweightlogy - Claritox Pro Reviews

PURCHASE MADE DIRECTLY – There is a reminder on the original website that the clients must order Claritox Pro from the official website only. Some feel the inaccessibility of the product at local retailers is a flaw, but its availability on the official website only reduces the possibilities of online fraud otherwise prevalent. There are no other local stores or online stores that sell it but the manufacturer’s website, so if you see it online at another store, chances are it is unauthorized and perhaps fake. Buying it from authorized sources will save you money.

AN EXPECTATION THAT IS REALISTIC – Claritox Pro supplement provides realistic expectations, which adds to their trustworthiness. Throughout the advertisement, there is no reference to these pills being magic pills that will make the user younger. Good health implies improving one’s current health status because the dietary blend promotes good health. The results are gradual and take time to appear, even though they will surely benefit every user. For this reason, the manufacturer encourages regular use of the product for at least three to six months, following the recommended daily dosage.

FORMULA WITH NO RISK – Claritox Pro contains natural ingredients, as seen from its ingredients list. While you might also find these natural ingredients around you, a specialized formula containing a balanced mix of ingredients is different from raw ingredients in large amounts. The ingredients in these capsules are formulated for adults based on their dietary needs. Natural ingredients always have some health implications, and taking more pills does not mean that you will benefit. A pre-packaged capsule-like Claritox Pro that comes in handy is the best way to enjoy the real benefits of these natural ingredients.

INGREDIENTS BASED ON SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE – Claritox Pro contains ingredients proven in peer-reviewed journal articles. Studies relating to these ingredients are available on the official website. To search for them individually, you can type in the ingredient’s name, and it will bring up all relevant results. The benefits associated with this herbal product will appear in the form of a variety of links. These scientifically proven ingredients prove that the manufacturer doesn’t lie.

GUARANTEED CUSTOMER SATISFACTION – Claritox Pro product orders are eligible for a complete refund offer. While some may find the refund policy gimmicks, the policy represents its faith in its product and services. In case it fails to meet the expectations of any user, they are ready to face a loss. There is no rational reason for any organization to suffer a loss. If someone is doing so willingly, it is a good indication that they are going through it for an extraordinary reason. As such, the supplement performs as promised and is perfect for every user.

COST-EFFECTIVENESS – This is not the only supplement with these benefits, so to say that Claritox Pro is the only one would be false. There are, for sure, other supplements available, many of which can aid avoid imbalances and difficulties with mobility. The downside is that they are too expensive for the average American to purchase, so they never attempt to purchase them. Besides being inexpensive, the Claritox Pro supplement also offers discount offers and bundle deals, making it more accessible for everyone.


A nutritional deficiency could be the source of your constant dizziness, headaches, and balance-related problems when there have been no signs of disease improvement. If your body exhibits these symptoms, it lacks the micronutrients required for its normal functioning. Therefore, you need to take the Claritox Pro supplement, which contains all the necessary micronutrients. Alternatively, you may have to make drastic dietary changes.

While some individuals may experience different results, Claritox Pro claims to provide a variety of health benefits, including cognitive stimulation, cardiovascular health, and metabolic support. With the berberine included in this formula, the results start showing up after only a few weeks of usage. Furthermore, there are no financial restrictions involved with any order because we offer a 60-day money-back guarantee. Claritox Pro is a leading health supplement that can help you improve your health.

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